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Joe, you are wrong. Bergmann pianos are and always have been made in the Chinese factory owned by Young Chang. They were never made in the same factory as the Pramberger models. Better check your facts.

Someone who really knows...


Only 2000 pianos in 40 years? Are you sure? (Might be right, just sounds low to me)

Also, watch the POV.

--WayneMokane 01:40, 19 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Young Chang isn't a world class piano manufacturer. Far from, actually.

          • rebuttal***** from some one who really knows........

from joebrd, As a piano rebuilder,importer and distributor of 2 other brands and past member of board of advisors for the Orion piano blue book, It is my opinion as a piano professional and performer, that Young Chang is truly a world class piano to the extent that in certain catagories it exceeds the qualities of Yamaha or Kawai, especially Samick,pearl river,kohler, or most production pianos. Steinway just didn't draw a name out of the hat when it commissioned Young Chang to build it's Essex piano line they bet their reputation and good name on the quality of Young Chang and it's ability to build an inexpensive , world class production piano for them.With the technology placed in their hands by Joe Pramberger, former vice president of Steinway and his amazing Pramberger designs, which are still only owned by Young Chang, there isn't another production piano maker with the ability to bring to market a piano this similar to Steinway at bargain prices.(Samick only owns Pramberger's brand name) The Bergmann brand by Young Chang is built in the same factory and has basically the same specs. as Essex which is Steinway's piano for the masses. Buy the Bergmann, it's priced better! joe marras sr. (all brand names are the property of their respective owners. these are my own opinions based on 30 plus years in the music field)IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO EDIT THIS PLEASE USE A REBUTTAL SO OTHERS CAN SEE WHAT I SAID AND WHAT YOU SAID.THEN THEY CAN CHOOSE A SIDE

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