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Sorry, but Eye is NOT in Cambridgeshire. It is part of the unitary authority of Peterborough, which itself is not in Cambridgeshire. Therefore I will amend the entry accordingly.Renata 11:13 Dec 14, 2002 (UTC)

I'll take your word for it, but somebody should tell the Parish Council, who believe they are in Cambs. (See http://www.pirem.freeserve.co.uk/regions/England_Cambridgeshire/). On the other hand, if their geography is as bad as their web design, then they could well be wrong ;-) -- Heron

And another thing, Renata. How can a town be "in" a "unitary authority"? A unitary authority is an abstract thing consisting of Acts of Parliament, people, offices and paperclips. It's not a place. Forgetting about Cambridgeshire for the moment, should you not say "Eye is in the district of Peterborough, which is administered by Peterborough Unitary Authority?" -- Heron

I'm back, and this time I have evidence. The East of England Development Agency states that "Cambridgeshire is a thriving county of market towns which also covers the unitary authority of Peterborough" (see http://www.eeda.org.uk/compdetails.asp?id=2037&sec_id=358). Eye is therefore in Cambridgeshire. Furthermore, Cambridgeshire County Council states that "the towns of Cambridgeshire range in size from the lively city of Peterborough to pretty little St Ives." (see http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/sub/visit/towns.html). Shall I go on? -- Heron